Costco, 50 stores in Spain?


Costco promises Spanish Government to elevate your opening plan to 50 stores

They were to be two stores (Sevilla and Madrid ) . Then he spoke of ten. They could eventually be even up to 50 . During the recent visit last January Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to the U.S. to meet with Barack Obama, the U.S. group Costco pledged to quintuple its opening plan , according to government sources have confirmed .

This project , however , medium or long term , which will mostly depend on the evolution of the economy and consumption, as well as the Spanish response to this new business concept . The third company in the retail trade in the United States announced its entry into Spain in 2012.

Although it has not given details of how to operate in Spain it looks like it will do as he does in his homeland and in other countries where it is present , where it functions as a buying club that offers its 50 million members – who pay an annual fee of around 40 euros – a small number of leading brands at the best possible price. They are brands that sells larger sizes of products to offer greater discounts, with an eye to cost the consumer will fill out the shopping cart.

The announcement of his arrival in Spain is one of the landmarks of this company born from the union shop 20 years ago called Price Club and Costco just another call . At that time , the group had 206 Commercial sales of 16,000 million annually. Costco ended the fiscal year on September 1 with a profit of 2,040 million compared to 1,710 million reported a year earlier.

The chain had annual sales of 102,870 million , up 6 % on 2012. To this must be added the 2.286 million entering the fee -paying members.

For next year , in addition to open stores in Spain , the expansion plan passed by the U.S. company to open another 34 stores worldwide . Of these , half are inaugurate in the United States , five in Australia , four in South Korea , three in Japan , three in Canada and one in Mexico .

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