Invitation: Understanding Latin American Economy and International Financing.


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                                                                                                                                         Dear friends and colleagues,

 On behalf of South America Business Association and Exporters Association of USA are pleased to invite you to attend the Conference “Engineering the Latin American Economy and International Financing: The Peruvian economy in the continent”, to be held in Lima, Peru, between August 26 and August 27, 2015,

We are at the forefront, promoting an event where new data from the current economic reality and the economy that has been in exhibited outstanding regional political leaders, seeking to generate debate and new positions to help manage ahead will be exhibited business and political leaders in Latin America.

We will be pleased to welcome you under the sun of this beautiful city “of the Kings”, Lima, to all companies, members of associations, public / private cameras, speakers, general sponsors, students, professionals committed to the current and future reality.

 Since 2002, when we launched our first conference for international business, our goal has been to provide access to finance and market update with new resources to provide tools to improve their business strategy and provided the opportunity to meet leaders high level professionals and entrepreneurs who are willing to do business with you.

 The program will include a presentation by government officials of the countries of the region to address comprehensively the main topics of the Latin American economy and work in committees to address specific issues. Including our keynote speaker, Current Mayor of Buenos Aires Argentina and number one candidate for 2015 presidential elections in Argentina Governor Daniel Scioli and Current Mayor of Lima, Peru Mayor Luis Castaneda Lossio.

During this important conference, you will have access to meet decision makers of South America, explore the major issues and challenges involved in obtaining business with emerging markets and addressing the concerns of those doing international trade.

The social exchange during the conference is a crucial aspect for the event, offering access to industry leaders and ensuring that delegates are able to get new contacts and relationships for future business in the region.

 We invite you to be present as active participants and / or sponsors committed to the current economic reality.

“When strong winds, some seeking refuge, trying to save themselves and others build windmills and get rich.” – Claus Möller.


Julio Ibanez


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