Kroger holds Super Bowl open house.

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Kroger Co.’s mid-Atlantic stores are ready for the Super Bowl rush. These stores will each have an open house on Jan. 25 with party ideas, product samples and game day recipe ideas.

“Kroger is excited to once again assist our customers with the planning of their Super Bowl parties,” said Carl York, advertising and public relations manager for Kroger’s mid-Atlantic marketing region in a press release.

“Whether it be for a small gathering or a large crowd, our Kroger stores can help anyone find the perfect snack and drink ideas.”

The retailer is also planning a one-day sale of items like Kroger Cocktail Smokies for $1.88, 8-piece baked or fried chicken for $4.99, two bags of Utz Chips for $3 and a twin pack of Donatos Pepperoni Pizzas for $9.99.

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