Making the promotional spaces in our stores profitable

Our real sales strategies are reflected according to how we assemble the promotional exhibitions in stores.

The worst mistake we can make as retailers is to worry more about “selling” those promotional spaces to our suppliers than the products that our customers really request and require.

Promotional exhibitions must be strategically placed always going out to meet the clients and directly transmitting the message and commercial strategy. A promotional product that is not commercially attractive and does not cause a real demand on the part of the client, however much our provider has invested in the promotion, will never become profitable.


We will not need large doses of engineering to ensure the success of our promotional spaces, simply common sense and to be definitely essentialist, assembling the exhibitions with the client’s vision.

The assemblies cannot be designed according to each store or store manager, but must be fully coordinated and directed from the Company’s Management, following all the guidelines of the planned commercial strategy.

Therefore, we will provide the stores with a map already designed with the location and assembly instructions for each exhibition. It is also very important that the exhibitions are located with the products that the client expects in their itinerary, since it would be totally anti-commercial to locate a dishwasher display in the cereal area, for example.

At the same time, the exhibitions should always be placed as one more element of the store plan so as not to be a hindrance to customer traffic.

“Little Data” for Big Results in Our Stores

Throughout my experience in the direction of retail chains, I have used different names for the management of promotional displays that also serve to be clear about the location and importance of them, here the four most important:

  • Presentation display: without a doubt, the most important and impressive for customers, since it is located at the entrance of the store.
  • Relevant exhibitions: they are all that the clients are facing, according to the size of the store with those of the central corridors.
  • Return exhibitions: the ones that the client does not see at the beginning of their journey and that they are left facing on the way back. They are recommendable in the areas of fresh products.
  • Irrelevant exhibitions: those located where there is little traffic or an influx of customers, coinciding with aisles of products with low sales turnover. They usually place private brand products that need a lot of space there.

Very few retailers calculate the profitability of their exhibitions, giving more importance to the so-called “atypical” revenues they receive from suppliers. In fact, many exhibitions are economically deficient.

It is advisable that studies of profitability of the product and of the promotion are carried out, in fact, the result of these studies should be the next commercial strategy of any retail company.

Our mission as vendors is to sell and that the lack of sales in the medium term will also take away suppliers that want to invest in promotional campaigns in our stores.

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