«Sabor Latino», New Latino trade show set for May 13-14, Pasadena – California.

a84324_9ce5dc1781594e479680147b692b042a.png_srz_p_325_343_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzSabor Latino, a new trade show geared to Hispanic products and lifestyles, is scheduled to hold its first-ever event May 13-14 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Southern California.

The show — whose tagline is “El Show Que Vale la Pena” (“The Show That Matters”) — is aimed at grocers, restaurants and foodservice operators interested in tapping the growing Hispanic market through meetings with manufacturers and suppliers of Latino and non-Latino food products and services, the organizers said.

In addition to an exhibit floor and cooking demonstrations, the show will also include 16 workshops — including one featuring a panel of Hispanic retail operators, one of what influences Latino consumers at the supermarket and one of and selling wellness — along with a general session on the state of the Latino food industry.

“Latino food has grown well beyond its traditional consumer base and is expanding,» said Lilly Rocha, co-producer of the show. «At Sabor Latino we will bring together suppliers and buyers to do business and to discuss the future of this dynamic food and beverage industry.”

Oralia Michel, the other co-producer of Sabor Latino, said the show will provide an opportunity for industry players “[to] do business and work together to innovate solutions to the challenges that lie ahead for the food industry.»

More info: www.saborlatinofoodshow.com

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