Safeway to sell first Fair Trade seafood.


Safeway plans to offer Fair Trade Certified seafood, starting with wild-caught tuna.

The tuna will initially be available in stores in the retailer’s Northern California, Portland and Seattle divisions in March. Safeway will expand the program to other areas once more supply becomes available.

“Safeway recognizes its responsibility to help protect our oceans in an effort to maintain the availability of seafood for future generations and the health of our planet,” Buster Houston, group director of seafood at Albertsons Safeway, said in a press release, “and this unique offering, beginning with frozen tuna steaks and burgers has the added benefit of being a Fair Trade Certified product.”

 By the end of 2015, Safeway hopes to achieve its goal for all its fresh and frozen seafood to be caught or farmed sustainably.
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