Walmart supports omnichannel commerce with product content.


Seamlessly selling products through Walmart just got a little easier.

Using the ContentSpec 2.0 interface from product content management platform provider Salsify, Walmart suppliers can now publish product content directly to Walmart’s systems. Rather than utilizing a spreadsheet-based process which could take weeks, Walmart suppliers can transmit digital content in as little as minutes.

This content can include digital photos, product descriptions and other information that not only helps Walmart better track products but can also assist shoppers in making purchase decisions. Digital product content can be served to customers online, via mobile devices and also in stores. The ease of digitally updating the content helps ensure it is accurate and timely as possible.

“Digital product content impacts not only online commerce but also the mobile and in-store experience, so providing consumers with clear and compelling product information is important for the entire buyer’s journey,” said Rob Gonzalez, co-founder and VP of business development at Salsify. “We worked closely with Walmart to beta test the API and are now one of the first companies to publish our customer’s content directly to Walmart, getting their best content to Walmart in minutes instead of weeks.”

Co-developing this new product content management capability is part of Walmart’s larger $1 billion e-commerce effort for 2016. Having easily accessible, accurate product information available on both the back and front end is an important supporting factor in successful seamless commerce.

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