Whole Foods shows bees’ impact on bakery.


As part of Whole Foods Market’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the importance of pollinators, the retailer removed bakery items that rely on pollinators from a store in Fremont, Calif.

According to Whole Foods, 97% of items in the bakery would disappear or be significantly altered if there were no pollinators. Pollinators are necessary to grow products like chocolate, coffee, almonds, berries, carrots and vanilla, as well as the alfalfa dairy farmers feed to cows.

Since 2012, Whole Foods and its suppliers have donated more than $547,000 to the Xerces Society, a nonprofit that promotes conservation of pollinators.

Whole Foods, based in Austin, Texas, also encouraged shoppers to purchase pollinator-friendly products such as those from Cascadian Farms, Blue Diamond or the retailer’s private label 365 Everyday Value.

“This campaign is all about inspiring people to take small steps that make a big difference for these small heroes of our food supply,” Lee Kane, mission and culture coach for Whole Foods Market, said in a press release. “Even simple strategies like shopping organic or planting native wildflowers can tip the balance back in favor of our pollinators.”

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